Escorts really do know how to shop

I smiled as I watched a film. The actor was the one I had recently bedded, seven times over three occasions 😉 a London escorts claim to fame all the girls at the office were so jealous. He was good to me and an exceptional lover. When he left a message to let me know the filming had started, but the actress, although professional and beautiful, wasn’t anything like me, in any way, I had to supress a smile. I would certainly get an invitation to the premiere, but only if I wanted to go. That was the least he could do. I had helped his understanding and there was more of an emotional connectivity with my role. That was kind of him, but I probably would not go to a premiere. I’d been to one before and was mixed up with the lead actress who had dated me as her escort in the past and she insisted on flashing daggers at me for the rest of the evening.

Anyway, it would be too close to the bone for me. Sitting through any depiction of my profession would be hard to do. I would watch the film at home though. I might even invite Sasha around to watch it. She loved the bouquet of flowers I’d sent her for passing the business my way and not to one of the other agency girls.

I went shopping. Vlad had slipped in the fact it was his birthday next week, and what can a girl get a hot guy who has pretty much everything?

Well I knew that Vlad liked good food and vintage champagne so I went into Fortnum and Mason and created a bespoke food hamper, containing two rare bottles of vintage champagne, a bottle of English gin, which was exclusive to Fortnum and Mason, smoked salmon, two types of cheese and water biscuits.

Then I had another idea. I bought items to create my own smaller hamper with two candles, bath oil, cashmere socks and a box of champagne truffles, so we could languish in his luxurious bath. I would give this to him and he would not expect the grander one to arrive. That would be the surprise.

He was worth it. I knew he sometimes struggled with the fact as an escort making her way in London I had other clients, but he never asked and we were spending more and more time together. I realised he was not seeing someone else when he asked if we could go out for his birthday. He was tentative, as if it was a big step for him.

After organising their delivery the afternoon of Vlad’s birthday, I rang him to double-check I could come round just after lunch. He knew I was planning something but I knew he would not ask. It just wasn’t his style.


London escorts make every birthday special


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