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Against The Wall He Pulled Up My Skirt

I watched the tall businessman finish his mobile phone call. He looked classy and I felt suddenly pleased I wore the non-descript grey business suit. Underneath was naughty underwear that would make any London escort proud, and my idea was to shell out the tiniest morsel of information about my underwear, as we shared a deli platter for luncheon, before heading into the hotel room I’d reserved earlier. He’d be so hot for me, and from the look of his clean-shaven, fairly-handsome face, he was a success in his life. He just oozed that type of aura, and a confidence that comes with wealth, a good life and probably a good wife or girlfriend too.

He slid off his wedding ring as he crossed the road and I waved as he came towards me on entering the hotel. I’d ordered as planned and in his short hour lunch break, he’d have his cake and eat it too. I watched as the waiter poured out his glass of wine and we kissed each other on both cheeks. “I’m on time aren’t I?”

I smiled as Felix looked at my cleavage briefly. “I arrived about eight minutes ago ordered immediately, and lunch will be served in another five. That gives you plenty of time. Mind you, it won’t take me long to discard the little amount of clothing I’m wearing!.”

Felix almost choked on his first sip of wine. I laughed as my eyes told him I was joking. “Keep it on, Elena, just let me feel around.” He smiled and his whole face lit up.

The platter arrived and I was two-thirds of my way through the medium-size glass of wine and realised I felt a little tipsy. I took an olive and sucked on it slowly. Felix watched me as he took a pitta wrap, filled it with taramasalata. I ate the oatcakes and pate, but not before I’d mentioned that I was glad I wasn’t wearing knickers on a warm day like this.

In the bedroom, Felix pushed me back against the wall, pulled up my skirt and looked at my bareness. “I knew you weren’t lying. I’m a master of telling if someone is lying or not; it’s part of my job.”

When pressed, he wouldn’t tell me his occupation, but it didn’t matter; he liked having sex with fervour and had a preference for London girls who are escorts. I was attracted to pretty much everything about him; his smell, his touch and his presence. Against the wall, he exposed my breasts and feasted on them. We fucked and I didn’t want to make a noise as my orgasm rushed through me. Instead, I closed my eyes, bit my lip and sighed. When Felix looked me in the eye afterwards, he smiled and shook his head. “You come much more easily than my girlfriend; I wonder why.”

Then he dressed wordlessly and left.

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