Weekend breaks with the ideal agency companion

Long before I became an escort I’ve had a deep fascination with driving outside of London and getting out on the water in the countryside. Even the smallest of rivers are intriguing to me and I can only imagine what mysterious creatures they hold. So when Thomas invited me on a weekend fishing trip, there was no way that I would decline. These trips usually took the form of a guy’s weekend out. However, this specific one was quite different. The wives decided to accompany their husband into the wild and do a bit of camping.  Thomas, having recently been separated from his wife didn’t want to be the odd man out. He knew that he’d be filled with envy when each of his friends showed up with their wives by their sides and thus, he decided to give his favorite escort a call. Rather than making me nervous, this got me even more excited about the trip. I would have the honor of not only being with one of my favorite clients for an entire weekend, but I’d also be able to mix and mingle with the people dearest to his heart.

The women were very accepting of me and even more so, were completely fascinated with my occupation at the agency. Within no time, we got to talking about our men and what they like to enjoy in the bedroom. I even offered my new friends some great escort tricks to try out the next time they and their partners get to have some naughty bedroom fun. However, the warmth of these London women wasn’t the thing that surprised me the most during the weekend. Instead, it was the fact that out of the three couples there, minus Thomas and me, two of them had scheduled a visit with me once our weekend getaway was over. The ladies must have thoroughly enjoyed what I brought to the table and wanted to learn even more. I agreed to their meetings under one condition; that Thomas gets to join us and take part in the immense amount of fun that we were guaranteed to have. They readily agreed and Thomas, of course, didn’t have any opposition to my request. After all, over the years, he’s been introduced to some of the most out of the box things and now, he’s fully charged and ready to take the world by a storm. I can’t wait until we all get together and share a moment that everyone will remember for years to come.

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