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In London the escorts are willing students

Sitting here in my uber stylish but somewhat unbearably lonely London apartment I’d longed for his touch for so long. The way he knew just how to administer the perfect amount of pleasure and contrast it with the perfect amount of pain- it was to die for. The pain didn’t come in a physical form, however. Instead, it came through the way he made me wait. The way that each time he refrained from taking me to new heights, my body would cry even harder for him. ‘Self control,’ he said, was a lesson that we all ought to learn- even escorts.

At first, I’d complained. I’d told him of how the only reason he did those things was to torture me. But when I came to a full comprehension of the miracles this man performs with his hands and the much more miraculous parts of him, I grew to appreciate the lesson.
The longer he made me wait to reach my peak, the more intensity my body would feel. At times, it was as though I was taken to a whole new realm where I’d be looking down on myself feeling all sorts of unexplainable feelings. And I loved it.

But after our last visit, he wanted to take things to a whole new degree. Of course I had protested. After getting so used to seeing him once and sometimes twice a week, I couldn’t bear the thought of a month without his embrace. But he insisted. According to him, I was the only escort for him and so, he would have to be able to control himself too.

Day in and day out, I missed him. And as time went by, it only became harder. Soon enough, I was at the end of my waiting period and not much to my surprise, he showed up to my door. I could tell that it was hard for him to keep his hands away from me and I felt the very same way. But still, we practiced a bit of self control for a half an hour before fully indulging in each other. And though I wouldn’t want to go through another month in London without seeing him, I do indeed understand just what he was talking about. Never has my body felt the way it did when I took that one month break from him and his eroticism.

For now, I’m enjoying our weekly visits but who knows when he’ll come up with another lesson?

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