In Need of Sexy Company

Arianna was waiting for me with her phone in hand. I’d already told her I would not screw her cousin, even if he was the most attractive man in West London I would see this decade. Attractiveness is always in the eye of the beholder, and as he was her cousin, I thought her comment was rather strange, but I never said that to her. I knew Arianna from the gym, she knew a couple escorts who worked with before I left and joined a more exclusive club. She was an exotic-looking woman of Italian/British heritage, and she insisted on following me down the road. “The thing is, you’ve been recommended by someone we both know; a Russian called Vlad.”

I turned and looked at her as my blood ran cold. Did she mean that Vlad? He’d been keeping too low a profile as my ex-boyfriend and ex-client for a few months now. I’d wrongly assumed he’d be travelling around Europe.

Instead, I replied, “I know Vlad; he’s the property magnate who lives in Chelsea.” Arianna just nodded before she thought how to reply. “Well, Vlad has bought a house from my cousin and realised Robert, that’s my cousin, needed some help. Robert has an issue he’s working on. That’s why he has no girlfriend.”

My curiosity was aroused. Firstly, Vlad must have sold an expensive house, so the potential client must be wealthy, and the issue must be something interesting for his cousin to be asking for my escort services. I asked about the ‘issue’.
“I hope it is nothing warped. I don’t do anything like that. Anyway, Vlad was many moons ago. I don’t work in the same way, so perhaps I’ll consider this as a one-off to help your cousin out and to get you off my tail.”

It turned out he was completely agoraphobic and hadn’t left the house since he was hurt in an explosion.

“Okay, I’ll do it then, but does he know about me?”

Arianna smiled. “Robert has seen a photo of you, and wants you to ring him today if you can.”

I took his number; told Arianna that I would think about it, and shooed her away. I don’t like being followed.

As soon as I turned the corner, I realised I had a five-minute walk before I arrived home, so I called Robert, who answered after a few rings. After an exchange of introductions, I listened to his velvet-smooth voice. “You sound well-bred,” he remarked. I replied back. “So do you. I don’t really do this anymore; well, I have a couple of regulars, so I guess I need to know what you want and an email address from you, so I can send you my terms.”
Robert was smiling when he replied. “I want company and if anything else transpires then that would be good. I like to play poker and I understand you are a good player.”

He sounded interesting enough, with just a hint of sexiness. I found myself wondering what he would look like.


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