Agency model with extras

All escorts need some R&R in the guise of a shopping spree. I was walking out of Harrods into the London rush hour with a bag of new hosiery when a woman approached me. I didn’t know who she was but she asked if she could speak with me. I looked at her. She was about my age and trendy; with long brown hair and glasses. She wore a Burberry jacket teamed with jeggings and a Gucci bag.

Noticing my hesitation, she explained why she wanted to speak with me. She worked for a modelling agency and specialised in finding models resembling the stars of old. It was a niche market and well-paid. She gave Ursula Andress and Raquel Welch as examples. I knew what was coming next. She asked if I had ever been likened to Brigitte Bardot. I laughed and she took in my features.

“You really are quite striking. Can I buy you a coffee and tell you a little more?”

So over a couple of skinny lattes, she explained what she did, how it worked and asked me about my current job. I explained I worked from home, making soft furnishings for private clients, and that was something which would continue.

As she rattled through a list of questions, I told her my vital statistics and she wrote down the information. I was about the right age for this assignment too. She expanded upon what she needed and I did flinch when she mentioned that she had me in mind for an underwear modelling assignment. Several publications would like my look and she smiled broadly. I quickly explained I had not modelled before, but she just shrugged her shoulders.

“From the way you sashayed in and out of Harrods, you don’t need too many lessons. I would not worry; your look is just perfect.” I quickly explained I’d not do nude work, but I would wear scanty underwear.

So, I came away with a meeting booked in my diary. This was local work based in London.

My career is starting to become a portfolio career. My work with the other escorts at the recent agency I had joined, my soft furnishings business and lingerie modelling, would keep me busy full-time.

First things first, I needed to pass their photo shoot, but I could not help but feel excited about doing something different.



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