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Life of Relative Luxury

My birthday treat was a walk around Gray’s Inn area, followed by an upmarket lunch something which agency escorts seldom get to enjoy. I love reading old books and had a couple of Charles Dicken’s book in my collection. Josh took me to some hidden places in London I had never heard of, other than in a book. We passed a place where Charles Dickens worked at the age of fifteen, then onto an old square complete with gas lamps where Lincoln Inn featured in Bleak House, followed by a visit to a Knights Templar church featured in the Da Vinci Code. Josh told me stories along the way which were entertaining and I thought he could have even passed for a London tour guide.

I loved his passion for history and his thoughtfulness, but I could hear my stomach rumbling and we headed to a smart gastropub I had never been to, and Josh assured me the food was delicious, to go with the company, meaning him. I usually rarely leave the confines of West London chic, so it was interesting to go to one of his eclectic recommendations.

As soon as we arrived the ambience was friendly, but also private, as we were ushered to a corner table. I managed a smoked cod roe mousse with fennel crackers; a new taste triumph for me, followed by roast pollock with smoked ham hock and winter vegetables to fill me up and a buttermilk pannacotta with spiced clementines for dessert, all washed down with a couple of glasses of the agency escorts special “Chardonnay”. Josh raved about the Vension tartare and side salad, and his game pie with roast vegetable. I much prefer fish to game, but it was superbly presented.

Josh presented me with a fabulous Stella McCartney bag I adored from the second I’d opened the package. We sat in a coffee shop for the rest of the afternoon, lounging on sofas, drinking skinny lattes and reading newspapers.

I’d had a fabulous day, and I knew the only reason he’d been able to treat me like this was because of his escort work with a new agency, which like my career, allowed us to live a life of relative luxury and to experience life to the full.


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