A London girl with beautiful perky breasts

His strong, masculine body hovered over me and I couldn’t help but to stare. There was no one in the world as perfect as the man who was about to show me a side to pleasure that I’ve never met before. However, he’s the kind of guy who likes to let his escorts wait for the satisfaction that he has in store and thus, there was a lot of teasing to be done before he allowed me to get lost in his body. He insisted that I just lay there while he slowly removed each article of clothing from my body. Once I was left in only my sexy lace lingerie, it was time for his teeth to take over the work that his hands had previously done. He placed his warm hand on my back, turning me to my side and then I felt his breath on my back and heard as my bra snapped open. He turned me again, this time to my back and continued to remove my bra with his teeth. As my perky breasts stared back at him his face lit up. I didn’t need to ask if he liked what he saw because his eyes did the talking.

Now it was time for my white cotton panties to be taken of and I couldn’t wait to have him tend to that part of my body. Of course, he had to make me wait a little but I couldn’t complain because the way that he traced kisses down my side and the way he nibbled away at my belly button made me feel like the most special escort girl in the whole of London. And then it happened, his mouth landed right above my waist line, his hot breath giving me more pleasure than imaginable. With his teeth, he latched onto my panties and he pulled slowly, breathing heavily and teasing me as he went along. Finally, there was no underwear covering my perfect body and it was time for me to watch as he put on a show for me, taking of his underwear just as slowly as he relieved me of mine. Once he was fully unclothed, there was no stopping me from showing him just how much I wanted him. With all the sweet things that I whispered into his ear, there was no resisting me and he allowed me to take full control.

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