Why It’s Vital To Check Escort Reviews

The escorting industry has grown significantly in the past 10 years. There are so many companies offering escort services, especially in London – and for that reason, it can sometimes become difficult and confusing knowing who to trust to deliver a first-class and sincere service. Due to the sheer number of agencies in the London area, it is important to build up a reliable, dependable and honest reputation which is well-known for being the ‘best’ in the business.

Our London Escort Agency is the prime example of an honourable, direct and credible business. It is so important to look and read escort reviews before enquiring, especially if this is the first-time you have used a company. You need to do your research as you can be manipulated into spending an unnecessary amount of money on an escort that doesn’t look the same as she does in her pictures.

Tips on how to spot a Fake Review?

Reviews are one of the most important parts of an escort agency as they provide confidence to clients. Some agencies in the escort industry betray and deceive their target audience by inputting fake and forged reviews into the website which have been written by the agency themselves.

Check the Review Date and Time: If you are looking at the reviews on an escort website and you see an influx of reviews on one specific day, this should flag up a serious problem and may suggest that this is an illegitimate source and the reviews given are completely fake. You can check this by paying extra attention to the day that these reviews were uploaded to the site and if there are many reviews with the same date, it would be beneficial to navigate your way through the site and see if other escorts reviews are the same.

Detail: We understand that not everybody has the time to write a lengthy, detailed review about their experience. However, the more detailed the review, the more authentic people will believe the review to be and therefore increases the confidence of the client, making them want to enquire.

Honest: When giving reviews for a service you have received, there is no doubt that you are going to receive at least one negative review. Even though this may be perceived as a bad thing, this could be valuable information as it could be the final step in reviewing the agency’s legitimacy. If the agency were going to input fake reviews on their site, they aren’t going to give criticism and so for that reason, honest and critical reviews can be positive.

London and the Escort Industry

To verify the authenticity of an escort, always check the reviews written by the people who have previously booked them. Usually reviews are a genuine and informative source that gives a great insight and suggests whether the previous client would recommend booking her. In addition, if you are not familiar with London or maybe you’re just visiting, read through some of our reviews as they could include suggestions as to where you can take her.

Relying on a picture just isn’t enough. Many London escorting websites falsely advertise their escorts to draw the attention of customers and mislead them into spending an unreasonable amount of money on something that is blatantly deceptive. Therefore, writing reviews compels escorting agencies to not “cat-fish” their clients in fear of being exposed as a deceitful company. This is especially the case for London escorting agencies, as competition is much higher and the consequences can be detrimental.

Take some time reading Escort Reviews

When you first find a website, we would recommend reading the reviews in detail as this can give you a clearer idea about what the escort agency is all about. Reviews go a long way in the escort industry because they verify the identity. If the person has physically met the escort, they will be able to confirm that she is 100% the girl in the photo.

Look at the Babes of London reviews

So, you’ve looked at the reviews on our website, booked your dream babe and spent some time with her to developing a great companionship – now it’s your turn to write a review! But you may be wondering ‘how exactly do I write a review on the Babes of London website?’ Well the process is relatively easy and straightforward.

When writing your review make sure to mention your escort’s appearance and how it matched the images found on the Babes of London website. This will reassure other clients who are looking to book a beautiful babe as they may be worried that the marketing material is deceptive. Our reviews here at Babes of London are a great example of what they should look like, so take a look today for any inspiration.

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