My playground

Growing up, I was always referred to as the shy girl. Men would always compliment me on my beauty, but somehow, I was too blind to see it. It was only when I moved to the capital and the compliments continued, that I realized there must be something about me that men really want. I took a long hard look in the mirror and was astonished to see-for the first time. My self-confidence boosted and I finally allowed myself to enter the world of pleasure that was waiting for me. I loved the touch of a man so much and they seemed to be completely enchanted by what I had to offer. Wanting to bring even more pleasure to the chaps in London, the ones who made me realize just how beautiful I was, I decided to venture into the escort world.

I remember my first day like it was yesterday. Not even the slightest bit of nervousness had come over me. Instead, I was completely and utterly excited to please the first client who requested my services. The night started off with a sensual massage where I rid my client AJ of all the tension he carried into my home. It felt so good being the reason for his relaxation. Once I’d loosened him all up, it was time to show him the real treasure of a visit with me. I whispered sweet nothings into his ear- telling him all the while just what I was going to do to him. There was no mistaking his arousal. He took a hold of me, pressed his lips against mine and spoke softly, ‘whatever it is that you want to do to me, you have permission.’

I loved hearing him say that because I wanted so badly to turn his body into my playground. However, before we could get started, I needed to tease him a little bit more. I instructed him to get on the bed while I made him want me even more. Bit by bit, I rid my body of one article of clothing after the other. His eyes widened in anticipation as he tried hard to prevent himself from leaping across the bed and making me his. But of course, I wanted him just as badly and not before long, I climbed on top and gave him the pleasure he had been yearning for. My first time as one of the cherished escorts of the city is one I will never forget.

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