Escorts with boyfriends in London can be complicated

Rather than say any more to Josh, I handed him the cardboard folder containing my photos from the London shoot. “how many escorts would have done that I thought” I do lingerie modelling. It’s only a day per week, but it’s interesting and nothing sleazy.”

Josh almost looked relieved, but hesitated. “Are you sure you want me to see these? It might heat things up between us.” I saw his look and I leant forward and kissed him lightly on his lips. “Well, nothing would happen here, and more importantly, I’d rather get to know you more first. Just take a look.”

The bartender came over. “Can I take a look too?” I fixed him a look, but realised he’d let us have our happy hour drinks, after happy hour had ended. “Just a quick peek then,” I warned.

So Josh looked inside and let out a low whistle. “Well, there’s definitely a 50’s look going on here. You look great by the way! Now put them away.”

As soon as the bartender had passed them back, I put them into my tote bag. I now felt a little embarrassed. Josh passed me my burger and asked if I was allowed to eat these things.

I laughed, “Of course. So, what secrets do you have?”

He looked at me quite sharply. “Do you have any? Anna did mention something a while ago, when she was in the pub with her brother. She said you were an escort.”

I looked up absolutely mortified. “Not that kind. I used to attend the theatre or events, if a guy needed someone for a date.”

Josh looked at me. “That’s what she said too. I didn’t realise she was talking about you until you told me your name. Well, I guess what you do is up to you anyway. It’s none of my business.” He ate his burger, and I ate mine, almost in silence.

I sipped my cocktail, wondering how this had turned from great, to not great-at-all. I realised he didn’t like the modelling either. I asked the bartender for the tab. Josh looked up at me. “What’s up?”

“Well, it feels kind of odd suddenly, so I guess my modelling and other past experiences do bother you after all. Perhaps it was a good idea I shared my photos with you now, not later.”

I gave the bartender a tip, and Josh quietly asked me to stay. I headed out and didn’t look back. I rang Anna and she answered.

“Call yourself a friend. Do me a favour and don’t talk to anyone about what I get up to in London specifically me being one of Sasha’s escorts anymore. Josh just threw it in my face and told me that you’d told him, not only in front of your brother, but his friends too. Some friend you are. Thanks.”

I hurriedly ended the call. I didn’t need Josh, or Anna, in my life anymore!


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