London Escorts For Men Needing Some Love

“Yes, Mother” Anthony’s tired voice sounded as he rolled his eyes at his mother’s nagging insistence that he should start dating again.

“No, mother, I haven’t got a new flame in my life” Anthony sighed as his mother ranted on and on about needing a partner, that he had been alone for too long.

“I’ll know it when I meet them, mother”.

“Yes…. I will, love you too… goodbye mother” Anthony let out an exasperated groan and placed the horn back on the receiver.

Every single week his mother was on him to find ‘the girl of his dreams’ and every single week he had to put her off with some excuse or other.

“But why don’t you just hire a girlfriend?” his friend Moses said to him as they were having a pint that evening.

“Oh yeah? What are the chances I get a woman to agree to that?” Anthony asked.

Moses shrugged, “You could hire one of those London escort chicks.”

“I could. But how would I even start?”

“Tell you what; I’ll have my people arrange it for you. How about that?”

“You know my taste in birds.”

“That I do.”

When Anthony stepped in the room and set his eyes on Lily, he was beyond flummoxed. Long legs, short blonde hair in a pixie cut, big green eyes…she looked like a fairy and he had to confirm that she was indeed his ‘date’ for the next three months.

“Hi”, she said her voice like hot chocolate on a cold day.

“H-hi”, he rasped, then cleared his throat in embarrassment, “Y-you’re very pretty.”

She smiled.

“Since I’m to be your escort companion for the next three months, would you like to practice intimacy?” she asked.

“Y-yes”, he said.

“Okay then. Kiss me.”

Anthony leaned in, lips against Lily’s, feeling the soft plush flesh melt into his. He noticed Lily’s eyes were closed and her mouth, so tempting. Pressing his lips against Lily’s once more – this time with more fervour -he felt hers soften in surrender.

She reached up and tangled her hand in Anthony’s hair, pulling him closer.

Anthony wanted to know what she tasted like so he flicked his tongue along her bottom lip, shivering as her tongue returned the favour. He pressed her against the counter, his large hands settling on Lily’s waist.

Then he threw caution to the winds, fusing their mouths together. He slid his tongue into Lily’s mouth, demanding entrance. He licked along the roof of her mouth and reveled in the soft moans she made.


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