Nostalgic clients and a little Kate Bush

I’m not a fan of London west end musicals. In fact, none of the escorts at Sasha’s believed me when I told them that I had to sit through “Mamma Mia” three times in a fortnight and I was so fed up, I threw my Abba CD away when I got home. It’s not that the music isn’t fabulous; it’s just that it is not the original band. No matter how ancient they are now, I would love to see them live!

So imagine my delight when I get an email through from the Kate Bush fan club, of which I am a member, to let me know tickets would be on advance sale for her shows, HERE in London. I almost wet myself with excitement. If I have to pick my top three musical heroines, the first would be Kate Bush, followed closely by Karen Carpenter and Debbie Harry. I would never be able to see Karen Carpenter live, for obvious reasons, but I have seen Debbie Harry, and now the fabulous Kate Bush is on my absolute must-see list. I’ll be hovering over that ticket button and won’t pick a Friday or Saturday as they’ll go so quickly. In fact I think my mum and dad would love to go too. My dad has always had a crush on her. That would be a fabulous 50th birthday present for him.

I called them up and excited explained the situation. I think my dad has almost fainted. He knew he should have joined the fan club years ago, but at least we could go together. The tickets are reasonably-priced, but I’d pay out a small fortune to go. Only a few weeks to the sales and I’ve already picked out two dates I’d like to go. My parents would stay over. After all, the Apollo is only a ten minute tube ride away from me.

As I played some of her tracks, I mused about the client from the agency who had asked me to wear an outfit not dissimilar to the one Kate wore in a video in the eighties. I laughed as I ended up having to cut it out and sew it together myself. It wasn’t that long ago. I wondered if that was who he’d been thinking about during the act!


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