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05 November 2016

All the Important People in London

by Administrator on 05 November 2016, under London Escorts

“So, what do you do for a living?” Vanessa West was used to that question. Her lifestyle called for it. High end London escort girls didn’t own anything that looked like it may have come from Sears or a discount store at the edge of the city anymore; all the sparkling jewels a more

01 November 2016

Celine and the Has-Been Rock Star

by Administrator on 01 November 2016, under London Escorts

The room was really loud, Rihanna was screaming about finding love through the speakers ” a topic frequently discussed among escorts in London” and there was the loud clink of champagne glasses and several different conversations going on in the room. Of course Celine didn’ more

28 October 2016

Ways For Escorts in London to Style a Shirt Dress

by Administrator on 28 October 2016, under London Escorts

I guess all of us, escorts have a shirt dress in our wardrobes, but we are not exactly sure how to wear or style it. I gathered you three extremely simple ways to make them your favorite pieces to wear in London on a daily basis, because I guess we only have a couple weeks […] more

26 October 2016

Dumped & Left With Sky High London Rent

by Administrator on 26 October 2016, under London Escorts

I had a couple of missed calls. One was from Joanna escorts London girls are the worst for girly gossip, however I didn’t want to return the call until I had spoken with Josh. I returned home to find a letter from Josh. There was also a small brown parcel. I read the letter and [&helli more

22 October 2016

Working Late in London

by Administrator on 22 October 2016, under London Escorts

I arrived home on the Sunday evening at about six. I’d rang Franz and he was meeting me at a gastropub called ‘The Larrik’, all the agency escorts know it, only a five minute walk from Marylebone station, and a five minute walk for him from his tube stop. I appreciate the fact he� more

19 October 2016

Away From London Escorts need a Break

by Administrator on 19 October 2016, under London Escorts

After a reasonable pleasant and timely train service, my parents met me at the station. It was good to see them, especially my dad whom I hadn’t seen for around five months. I gave him his present and my mum asked where Josh was. I explained his job was busy and the weekends at the [&h more

14 October 2016

Londoners In The Game of Escorts

by Administrator on 14 October 2016, under London Escorts

I would need to leave early in the morning to get to my parent’s home up in Buckinghamshire. Josh had left a message to let me know he would be back in the morning London escorts are all the same, he had got tied up with work, and it made sense to stay over at […] more

10 October 2016

Busty Escorts and Clients with Everything

by Administrator on 10 October 2016, under London Escorts

In the bar after the event, Sebastian ordered the drinks and I stood next to him, trying to see if there were any tables. He had a thing for girls with ample bosoms I could feel his eyes on mine! I spied two stools and mentioned I was heading over in that direction. Once seated, [&hellip more

04 October 2016

Escorting Appointments

by Administrator on 04 October 2016, under London Escorts

I knew I’d receive a call from Sebastian. He’d waited for a full two weeks – not that I was checking or anything escorts in London don’t do that sort of thing. I thanked him for the recommendation. “Thanks to you, I got the work.” Sebastian sounded busy. “I wanted to as more

01 October 2016

Stopover Client

by Administrator on 01 October 2016, under London Escorts

After a morning of hard work for a couple London escort girls – we started at six-thirty – I was in need of fresh air and sustenance. The café along the road served up a breakfast until eleven and after checking the kitchen clock it was ten to eleven. I hurried out and walked fast [ more

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