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08 December 2016

Let The Escorts London Life Begin

by Babes of London on 08 December 2016, under London Escorts

“Come here, let me help, escorts from my part of town always know best” Yanka said as she held out both arms to gesture Dalia forward. The other woman quit her struggling attempts at unzipping the short, yellow cocktail dress she had picked from a nearby rack and made her way over to more

06 December 2016

Famous Escorts in London Need a Secretary

by Babes of London on 06 December 2016, under London Escorts

“Here.” Sissi dropped a thick leather bound book in front of the redheaded woman seated at her vanity, then gestured towards a red cup full of pens to her left. “You’re going to need this. I don’t let anyone handle it but myself, usually, but I suppose I hired you for a reason. more

29 November 2016

Two Busty Escorts and The Sultan

by Babes of London on 29 November 2016, under London Escorts

“Rhonda! Excellent. You’re here. You need to pack your bags. The sultan wants the best of our busty escorts in Dubai ASAP and that means you.” Carol the company receptionist said to her as soon as she stepped in the office. “What? I just got back from Paris like five minutes ago. more

25 November 2016

On the Hunt for New Escorts

by Babes of London on 25 November 2016, under London Escorts

Bringing Elizabeth Twill from her escorts agency to a party hosted by the Prime Minster was the best and worst decision Sabrina Delquant had ever made. Sending her off on her own to get them drinks had been the second best and worst decision. Conversation and attention to detail were Sab more

22 November 2016

The Best Escorts Dont Come Cheaply

by Babes of London on 22 November 2016, under London Escorts

“Come here, look at this one!” Diamond Sloane stepped around a rack of clothes, looking around for the man to match the voice that had spoken to her. Escorts London ladies with finesse have very alert senses she, spotted him a moment later, standing on the other side of the aisle and more

19 November 2016

London Escorts Are Always Ready To Party

by Babes of London on 19 November 2016, under London Escorts

“Sandra Cazac?” Glittering blue eyes shot around the bright area just outside the airport doors, attempting to see who had called her name. The pickup location was loud: voices shouted for loved ones, bodies bustled, suitcases rolled with great noise across the pavement. Sandra shoul more

16 November 2016

Escorts in London Perfect High Society Camouflage

by Babes of London on 16 November 2016, under London Escorts

Harry Spangler loved his kids, he did. But the truth of the matter was that he wasn’t ready to date. He knew if he turned up at Queen Charlotte’s ball alone, his kids would ramp up their campaign to get him a…woman friend. His wife had died just two years ago, he wasn’t ready for more

12 November 2016

Busty Escorts for a Crown Prince

by Babes of London on 12 November 2016, under London Escorts

Georgina woke up in London to her phone caterwauling near her ear. She sat up in shock, looking around her, trying to orient herself in space and time. “Wha-?” she mumbled before her hand brushed against her phone and she picked it up, putting it to her ear before she knew what she w more

08 November 2016

Tease Me Whilst You Do It

by Babes of London on 08 November 2016, under London Escorts

I felt my body tense up as the rough fingers stroked down between my cleavage. My client had booked me through the new escorts agency, he was a smoker, and I could smell it on his breath. Also, whatever he did for a living had left his hands calloused. However, he was extremely wealthy, more

05 November 2016

All the Important People in London

by Babes of London on 05 November 2016, under London Escorts

“So, what do you do for a living?” Vanessa West was used to that question. Her lifestyle called for it. High end London escort girls didn’t own anything that looked like it may have come from Sears or a discount store at the edge of the city anymore; all the sparkling jewels a more

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