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She Had Fallen For Him

by Administrator on 24 September 2016, under London Escorts

I’d worked fourteen hours in the last twenty-four; eight working a lingerie modelling shift, and last six as an escort London being my preferred patch. It was ten in the morning but I’d only got to bed at two-thirty after the client’s chauffeur dropped me off at the top of my road.

Every London Lothario needs an Escort

by Administrator on 21 September 2016, under London Escorts

I hadn’t been to this tube stop before and I worked out my bearings. I love the grey of the stone buildings around London, escorts and phallic like structures OMG a shrink would have a field day but, I love it. This looked affluent as it was by the Thames and on the edge of […]

He Provided Her With Adult Services

by Administrator on 18 September 2016, under London Escorts

Josh preferred working for Sasha for the Personal Assistant role, to conducting his escort duties in London and the home counties. He didn’t really talk that much about his escorting past but I was curious. Sasha was very demanding, and at times, very manipulative. I asked if the dutie

Escorts With Lush Lips

by Administrator on 14 September 2016, under London Escorts

I love the smell of roses. There is something quaint and British about the fragrance; reminiscent of my childhood garden some escorts come to London and to quickly forget where they came from. I’d been given a gift box by the modelling agency who hired me specifically for my lush lips

Tall Brunette in a Silk Dress

by Administrator on 10 September 2016, under London Escorts

We entered the theatre by the side entrance. I was wearing kitten heels something London escorts adore, so that I would not trip up. Josh was grinning and held my arm tightly. “I don’t know why you are nervous. If you are wondering about the two crushes. One is a gay guy Marvin, and

An escort in love

by Administrator on 06 September 2016, under London Escorts

Milan in the evening was festive lively and interesting, it was everything that so many escorts in London had told me. I wrapped up warm as I met Josh at the hotel entrance. He’d arrived earlier but had been out shopping. I guessed from the way he’ hidden a small bag, there was a pre

Relief for an Escort in Love

by Administrator on 06 September 2016, under London Escorts

I woke up to the sun pouring in through the window. It as a Saturday and Josh was only at work at six, so these two escorts in London had the whole day to enjoy together. We were planning a leisurely brunch with newspapers, followed by some personal time, before he headed off to work. [&

Mystery of The White Thong

by Administrator on 04 September 2016, under London Escorts

I like my house to be clean. As we occupy the second and third floor of the building, I’ve noticed it is dustier for some reason escorts London ladies in general do not do dust. In terms of the whole house, I hoover twice a week and polish once a week, whilst Josh cleans the […]

Girls With 114 IQ and Above

by Administrator on 31 August 2016, under London Escorts

I headed into the West London night club. Franz, a good friend of mine who was a co-owner at my previous escorts agency, was waiting at the bar as planned. “You’ll never guess who I’m dating?” I knew he was excited about his new squeeze from his tone and the way his eyes lit up.

Escorts Chemistry

by Administrator on 27 August 2016, under London Escorts

I can’t get tired of living in London. There is so much to do and see. There is for excitement for escort girls wherever you go, and if you want quiet time for reflection and inspiration, there are bucket-loads of places to go. I had a few hours before I was due to meet Josh, […