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High end escorts in London could be catwalk models

I don’t think any girls I know are not completely obsessed with fashion- I know I am. So, when a friend of mine asked me and a couple other escorts to accompany her to a show being put on in London by a designer she went college with, there was no turning her down. That night, I spent hours in my apartment getting ready for what I knew would be a marvelous event. Everything had to be perfect. I must have spent over an hour weeding through my closet and trying on dress after dress. I had been to quite a few fashion shows before, but never one where I’d be hanging out behind the scenes with the designer. After getting a bit stressed trying to choose the perfect attire, I settled for a little black dress, not to short, not too long, but a whole bunch of classy. The way it hugged my body was true perfection and I was relieved to not have to spend more time deciding what to wear.

Next up was my makeup and then it was time to go. Erica had hired a car to pick us up but what I didn’t expect was that in the car, there would be two handsome gentlemen waiting to escort us to the event. This, of course, wasn’t something that I complained about as I was genuinely satisfied with the attractiveness of my date. He was perfectly dressed in a black, tailored suit paired with undoubtedly expensive shoes.

Once we entered the event and met up with the other two escorts, I noticed that all heads turned around and everyone stared at us for more than a few moments. Erica and I joked that they thought we were the models. Though I’m sure they wouldn’t have minded seeing us strut our stuff on the runway. One would think the best part of a night like this would be getting to meet the designer. Although that was definitely a great addition to it all, my date turned out to be the thing I enjoyed the most.

Walking hand in hand throughout the night, allowed us to bond in a remarkable way. When it was time to head home, we both found it impossible to keep our hands off each other and thus, spend the entire night caressing and embracing the parts of our bodies that longed to be touched.

Thanks to Erica, I had the perfect night, the perfect man and the most breathtaking after party in my bedroom.

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