Wild nights and satisfied mornings

I’m the kind of escort who just loves to have fun. Whether it’s day or night, cold or warm, you can bet that a good time is something that I am not willing to pass up on. Thankfully, I’ve met some of the most wonderful girls in this lovely city. These ladies- like me- know just what having fun is all about. When we’re not hanging out with each other and having a great laugh over a glass of wine, we’re in the club enjoying the rhythm of the music. Of course, there comes a time when we’re all busy with other things. If I’m the odd one out; the one who’s ready to party when all the others are preoccupied with life, I know just where to find my action. With so many wonderful men in my life, it’s never difficult to find someone who’s willing to take advantage of my body and of course, have me to take advantage of theirs.

Kevin is just one of the men that I know I can count on for a good time. He’s been a client of mine at the agency for quite some time now and always finds the time for me. A typical day with Kevin is not typical at all. We usually start out in a toy store where he selects an outfit that he’d like to see me where. Usually something sexy, like a naughty nurse costume or a sexy police officer. Once that part of the day is through, it’s time to get to really fun bits. Most of the time, we head to my place to get things steamy. The reason for this is that I’ve got so many toys that Kev loves to use on me and quite a few that he likes me to use on him. Wild nights and satisfied mornings are what he and I always have together. He surely knows how to treat a woman; how to make her feel overly special. In return, he only gets the best and most energetic part of me.

It’s so great to be in London and to be able to experience the wonders that this amazing city has to offer. The best part of it all, is that the men are definitely some of the best in the world. And when it comes to their manners in bed, you can bet that they know how to give just as much as they know how to receive.

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