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Like most of the escorts I hang out with I’m the kind of girl who likes variety in everything, whether it is as part of my job or London social life. I passed my business card onto a friend’s husband, Richard, at a party. A week later, I was just arriving back at the flat and heard the phone ring. I have two phones and this was my personal number for my soft furnishings business. I heard a very cultured female voice asking me if I could visit her apartment to match-up for some furnishings.

I took out a checklist, asked her a few questions and offered to bring along samples before taking her contact details. Fulham is only a stone’s throw away.

I arrived at the apartment block and noticed it was on the top floor, and given the large bag I was carrying, I was pleased to hop into the lift. Mrs. Dalmain was there to meet me when the lift door opened.

In her fifties, Mrs. Dalmain, was divorced, with two grown-up children, who lived elsewhere in the country. I soon found out that this penthouse apartment was her divorce settlement. I guessed that she must have lived in a very grandiose place prior to here, most definitely the hub of many escorts dream home after a ten year stint at the agency.

I talked through my soft furnishing experience and that one on my advanced levels was in Design and Needlework, so I could turn around great quality cushions, bolsters swags, tie-backs, roman blinds and curtains. The fabrics I had brought were only a sample out of a huge range. When I looked at the huge three metre-long painting, I knew I could work with the hues of mustard, blue and dark green well.

I shared ideas and showed her a portfolio of finished rooms, whilst she talked through what she wanted and sifted through my samples. At the end, she seemed happy that I went away and came back with three material samples and she provided the measurements so I could quote. Having just bought several rolls of quality, patterned Colefax and Fowler, and Schumacher fabric, from an auction, I knew I had enough for her needs. I just needed to source another contrasting fabric for the bolster cushions and to choose a plain colour to as an accent colour.

A week later, I had finally won my client over and was armed with an order which would not only lucrative, but would link into another network of potential clients. An exciting time ahead, but for now, off to shower and get ready for a dinner and opera date with a good client of mine from the agency.



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