The perfect London date with two escorts

They say that time flies when you’re having fun and I truly got to see the meaning of this statement last weekend. A girlfriend of mine came into London for a short visit and I was honored to be able to show her what this vibrant city has to offer. Of course, we did the regular touristy things like trips to the museums and Buckingham palace, however, the real fun started when she got to have a taste of what my job entails. Keen to see what it is that I do as an escort, she insisted on accompanying me to see one of my clients, Ed, a handsome gentleman who loves being tended to by beautiful ladies. I called Ed to see if it was okay for me to bring Izzie along and his reply was, ‘absolutely, the more the merrier.’

She went through my closet and got dressed up in a dress that packed in a lot of potential to leave men in awe. I’ve never seen her look so sexy before and I have to admit that at that moment, I wanted to keep her all to myself and have her experience just what it is that I do. However, being that we had an appointment with Ed, we hurriedly made our way to his apartment in north London. She insisted that she just wanted to be a fly on the wall, but I knew that once he and I got intimate, she just might be a little more than interested in just observing. I kept stealing glances at her and was pleased by the fact that she found it hard to pull her eyes away from us. Do you mind if I join?’ she asked and of course, neither Ed nor I were opposed to the idea. One thing led to another and he and I had the opportunity to treat my BF to the amazing experience that escorts get to have all the time.

Once our session was over, she insisted that we go for another hour so that she could show Ed just how satisfying she could be to him. I loved watching her do her thing and could not wait to get home to make her all mine. Now that she’s back home, I miss her more than ever.

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