Divorced lovers

Stephen’s divorce proceedings were still going through. He now had a flat in Maida Vale, so I suggested that he came to see me at my pad. It would only take ten minutes in a cab and he didn’t want anyone seeing him receive a visitor, in case it got back to his wife’s divorce solicitor.

I knew he was intrigued when I told him my address. “That’s pretty exclusive!” Stephen exclaimed. I didn’t tell him that top escorts operating in London probably earned as much as he did, but that was a different story.

I let him in and the candles lent a warm glow to my lounge. “This is really lovely,” he said, as he kissed me on the cheek, and passed me a bottle of chilled champagne.

We chatted for a while, more for his sake, than mine, before I stood up, blew the candles out, and took him by the hand into my bedroom.

I wore the new underwear set I had bought in Paris. Vlad had seen it the once, and I knew it accentuated my cleavage and curve of my buttocks. The Brazilian-style briefs were gorgeous, with privacy lace at the front, but showed my creamy-skin through the back.

He liked me – I knew that. Most men do fall slightly for me, but I detach myself. Show enough interest, but do not get attached; that’s the key to this role as there scarlet woman.

I undressed Stephen, and kept my movements slow and purposeful. He cupped my face as he kissed me and used a compliment I have never heard before. “Your eyes are like a drop of blood in water and I’m the shark.”

I knew he wanted me, and he deftly removed my bra and but left my knickers on, until I had finished working on his manhood with my tongue. He moaned and told me I was too good. I whisked off my knickers and poised myself above him. “In that case, I will now be very bad.” He grabbed my buttocks and held them as I moved on top of him. I like that; it turns me on, and I worked hard to get him to cum. I didn’t and had to feign it, as I sometimes have to but, I did not mind because my number one priority was to fulfil my Stephens needs above mine.


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