Agency debauchery and ex lovers

Late one night, an old client of mine- one who had not booked me as his escort for over six months- paid me a visit. I was surprised to see him standing at the door of my London flat with the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers in his hands. When I asked him why he came, he simply replied, ‘I’ve just been missing you.’ I knew there was something more to this, even though I didn’t doubt him missing me was a part of the reason. Rather than inviting him in, I told him that I’d prefer if we took a walk. He looked like he had a lot on his mind and we had the kind of relationship where we could share our innermost thoughts with each other.

During the early part of our stroll through London’s Hyde Park, Alan remained relatively silent. However, by the time we settled down on a bench in the park, he’d seemed to build up the courage he needed to say what was on his mind. It turned out that he’d just gotten out of a pretty tough relationship and needed someone to talk to. I was happy that he felt like he could talk to me. But his relationship wasn’t the only thing nagging him. Alan said that a part of the problem with his ex was that she couldn’t quite please him the way I did. I guess she didn’t like me being his escort and thus, Alan had to make the tough decision of leaving her behind. I felt terribly sorry for him because though I deeply admired and cared about him, a relationship wasn’t something I was looking for. Alan said he just wanted to have the best of both worlds. He wanted a woman who he could come home to at night and he wanted a woman who made his wildest dreams a reality. I assured him that I’ve met many men just like him and quite a few who have brought their wives or partners along to join in on the fun. His eyes lit up when he heard this. I guess I just introduced Alan to his new fantasy. He stepped away from me for a few minutes and then came back with the biggest smile on his face. Alan had apologized to his ex and invited her to have a little bit of fun with him and his lady of the evening. To his surprise, she readily accepted and not long after, we were back at my place, banging the headboard on the wall and bouncing the bed like a ball.

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