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A very big boy

Danny was waiting for me at Charing Cross tube station. I wasn’t late; find an escort in London with better time keeping than me and I’ll eat my hat. Danny was just very early, and appeared nervous from the look he threw my way.

So far, he’s only seen my photo in different poses. The naughtiest was of me wearing a half-cup bra and a thong. Whilst he could only see a little of my nipples, he could get a good idea of my breast size. He wouldn’t be let down. I carried a couple of toys in my bag, just in case he wanted to use them, but from his request, he wanted a few drinks and then to go to bed. There was no meal, nor theatre, and I was fine escorts cover the London crowd always prefer straight forward assignments if truth be known.

It was obvious he fancied me. He was tall, with green eyes, a black pony tail, and I think there was either Cypriot, Greek or Turkish heritage there somewhere, but I never ask about these things. It is entirely up to him to reveal anything he wants. Sometimes there is little talk, but most feel strangely obliged to share a morsel of their lives before they screw you.

I noticed the large bulge in his trousers, so I knew this guy was big; but wasn’t sure how that would pan out until all was revealed.

As we found a table, Danny asked if I liked Prosecco or Cava, and I chose the former. He looked at me.

“I haven’t done this before,” he whispered as he leant forward as if he was divulging a huge secret. “Neither have I!” I giggled, and he looked at me until he realised I was joking to help him to relax.

Danny was a digital technology entrepreneur and was working something like 80 hours per week. His love-life was non-existent as a result. I knew the feeling being a busy escort fulfilling dates for London guys 24/7, but who was I to lecture. I simply said, “Well, this is your time. I actually read somewhere that you shouldn’t work more than fifty-five hours a week, as it could increase the chance of strokes.” Then I stopped myself, took his hand. I stroked the soft skin, feeling it warm up under my touch. I asked him, very quietly, if there was anything in particular he liked to do.

He smiled and told me that he would not surprise me and kissed my cheek. A half-hour later, we were in our hotel room when he undressed. I took a long look at Danny in the nude, and took a deep breath. “I thought you said you would not surprise me,” I declared carefully. Danny was a very big boy.


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