Aurelia fulfills Erick’s urges

At 6 foot 4 and with the most toned body imaginable, Erick was every girl’s prince charming. One might have wondered why he had chosen to come to an escort for satisfaction considering he could get any girl in the world. Unfortunately, for a lot of women, Erick has a specific type and a lot of specific needs that they just can’t fulfil. I, on the other hand, am just what he’s looking for.

Erick is a guy who likes to live a flavor filled life and this extends to his choice in women. Being from Venezuela and topped with an amazing body were the first things that drew him to me. He told me that the minute he saw that photo of me relaxing on the chair, he started to feel things he hadn’t felt in a very long time. He says he sat and stared at the picture, imagining that he were there with me and imagining the things that he would do to me on the chair. According to Erick, it took him a few days of not being able to forget me before he was able to work up the courage to call the escorts agency. But he said that his dreams really came true when he met me in person. That’s something that I get told by most of my clients, the fact that even though my pictures are exceptionally sexy, I’m a lot sexier in person. On the night of our first visit, Erick had me assume a rather compromising position on the bed, while he took a few minutes to admire the beauty of not only my face but my lady bits. I loved having him sit and stare at me but the minute that he put his hands on my body was the minute that I knew just how great it felt to be touched by him. His soft hands traced the length of my body, turning me on and putting me in the perfect zone for a passion filled night. The way he kissed me, the way his tongue dangled around mine just made things that much better.

We spent the entire night wrapped up in each other and I definitely proved to him that turning to me for affection was by far the best decision he could have made. Now, when Erick visits London and feels the urge to be fulfilled, he knows that I’m always ready and waiting to give him just what he needs.

About the author:
A native Venezuelan Aurelia is an escort with many positive reviews from gentlemen in London

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