Escorts & divorced men it’s a London thing

I met Dominic at a party near London Bridge a few months ago. I wasn’t sure if he was at all interested in me, I mean, in any way, did I have a sign on my back “escorts on the prowl” as he cast me a look which showed pure indifference.

Later, I found out, my perception could not be further from the truth, but he was also harbouring a secret. His wife had left him a month ago and he was still dazed by this turn of events. A friend, Sally, shared the story about him.

Unlike most people, Sally knows about my “job”, having done escorting work for two years. She had left just before I’d joined. She was now happily married and no-one else knew about her past or my current status.

I’d wondered if Dominic would ever need a date to free him from his negative thoughts. I could position myself as offering a companionship service and see where it went. I mentioned this to Sally and she thought that was a great idea, only to position it as a purely theatre/dinner, opera/dinner arrangement, but with no sexual contact.

That was because she knew that her husband, Richard, had thought she had offered purely companionship dating, with no kinky overtones. In fact, I was one of her “friends” who made up numbers, if there was a need for two or more women.

I wandered over to Richard, who was deliciously gorgeous, and at almost fifty, was a good twenty years older than Sally. He asked me about the soft furnishings business as he knew someone who wanted a matching scheme of curtains, rugs and cushions to fit in with a huge abstract gouache painting, in her penthouse apartment, overlooking the Thames. The opportunity piqued my interest, so I found a card in my purse and passed it on.

I mentioned casually, that I still did the companionship dating two nights per week, and at weekends. My main business was already starting to take-off. I looked at Richard and then pointedly looked at Dominic. I found another card and passed it to Richard.

“If you think Dominic would like an evening at the theatre, I would happily accompany him.”

Richard raised his eyebrows and then nodded. “I’m sure he would be interested, but it’s a timing thing. He is still in a state of shock.”

Later the next day, I was watering the herbs on my windowsill and thinking about what to wear for my client that evening, when the phone rang. It was Dominic and he sounded nervous. “I understand that you are available for dinner, by prior arrangement.”

Something about his tone made me wonder if he knew more, so all I stated was a quiet, “Yes, that’s right. It’s called a companionship service – just dinner, drinks and theatre, and only on Thursday and Friday evening.” Dominic paused. “Great, let me have a think about what’s coming up at the theatre and I’ll get back to you.”

With that, he rang off and I wondered if he would ever have the courage to ring back.



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