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I rent my flat from a rich Russian businessman who owns about twelve flats in W2 which he rents out to other escorts. My BF put me in contact with him when I decided to move to London. We drank Martinis in a hotel lounge whilst he sussed out if I would renege on my rent. Each month, I pay cash to a Russian girl who works in a letting agency and I acquire a handwritten receipt. The only large window is in the living room which looks out onto a private courtyard. I like the insularity of the set-up and it provides a cushion of privacy. In my line of business, any location which keeps away prying eyes and blocks out street noise is hugely helpful.

I love my life and am very happy with what I do. I am twenty-one and, I have about six years left at the top of my game. When I am ready, I will work full-time on my soft furnishings business and would hope to keep a few elements of my decadent lifestyle. I will not miss brushing shoulders with the rich, the sporty and famous, at all.

I heard the rare sound of the intercom buzzing; rare, as I hardly ever receive daytime visitors. Then it clicked. I had booked a courier to take away four parcels of curtains and cushions I had made for a client. I am practical like that and it gives me skills for the future.

I listened to the caller, Becky, from my yoga class, who was just passing by. She wanted to catch up for coffee if I was free. Becky didn’t know about my other “hobby” so to speak, so she looked at my sewing machine and wrung her hands in glee.

“How fabulous! Look at the quality of this work and the fabric,” Becky gushed. “You mentioned that you had elite clientele. To be honest, I didn’t want to ask as you seem so private. I even thought you might be dealing in drugs, silly me!”

We both laughed; perhaps mine sounded a little harsh. However I replied softy, “I take great enjoyment from delivering the detail.”  Becky soon left, having placed an order for four funky cushion covers. Well, of course, a happy customer always spreads the word!

I ran my bath, waxed my legs and checked my eyebrows. I looked alive, full of energy and I blew myself a kiss. After the courier had left, I picked out a Versace dress to wear later on.  Tonight Cinderella was going to the ball!

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