We raised a glass

The atmosphere was pleasant and intimate the type environment London escort girls relish. Other tables were also booked up, and people sat down. I’d drunk my glass of water already, and half of my Prosecco. I looked at the old photos on the walls and smiled at the personal touch; seeing diners enjoy their time with family and friends.

As we chatted we ate the flat bread and oil which had been left by the waiter. Luckily we were in a corner, although the space between the tables was negligible, there was no-one sat at the tale directly next to us just yet. That was when Josh sprung a surprise on me. He leaned over the table and passed me a gift-wrapped box. I could hardly breathe. It wasn’t a ring box, but it looked like it was something very special.

His eyes twinkled as I asked if it was for me. He nodded slowly, drained his glass, and sat back in his seat, with that edgy look I liked about him. Whatever it was, he wanted to wait until we were here in this upmarket London restaurant.

“Why have you bought me a present? It isn’t yet Christmas. Is it for Christmas, and should I keep it until then, or do you want me to open it now?”

Josh smiled, “Well, there’s a whole lot of questions there, Emma you are such an escorts nanny aren’t you! It isn’t a Christmas present. It is a symbol of our first Christmas together. Don’t worry it isn’t something to worry about. I just hope you understand it.”

I opened up the wrapping paper and then the box. Inside was a gorgeous silver bracelet, with large link in it. I looked at it, and noticed it had one charm only dangling from it. It was an angel.

I could feel my eyes mist over. I worked out that he would add to the charms each year, but this year, I was his angel.

I looked up at him. “I love you” I whispered, and Josh took my hand. “And I love you too, Emma,” he whispered back. Luckily we were rescued by the arrival of our starters, and I asked Josh to pour me a little more Prosecco. “It’s just so we can have a toast.” We raised a glass each to our future. I just hope this love lasts for a long time!


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