Whole bunch of satisfaction

It had been so long since my needs had been attended to the way they longed to be. It was the holidays and I had made a point to go and see my family in Eastern Europe. Though a much needed visit, and lots of fun- it was also a visit that made me long for the attention of a nice London chap. So, naturally, the first thing that I did before I boarded the plane to the city that I love so much, was to call one of my favorite clients, Simon. He is the one guy that I know I can count on when I’m feeling extremely in need of man love. He picked me up from the airport at a quarter past one and we headed straight to his place to have some fun. When the door opened, I was surprised to see that Simon still knew how to treat an escort. On the coffee table in his living room was a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a tiny card with my name on it. ‘Thank you,’ I said with a smile that filled my face. I was truly happy to see that he had done some preparation for my visit as this showed me that he did indeed miss me while I was away.

I’m guessing that he was just as horny as I was seeing that I’m his one and only escort and when I’m away, his best lover is away. I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a peck on the cheek. He pulled back, took a long, hard look at me and said, ‘Patty, I’ve missed you more than you could ever imagine’ before burying his face into mine and keeping my lips occupied with an incredibly deep kiss. It felt so good to be back in his arms again and I couldn’t wait to have him even closer. Without pulling away, I moved my hands to his waist, unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants to the floor. Signaling to him that, I couldn’t wait any longer to have him. He gave me what I came for, what we both wanted so much and I’m glad to say that the night ended in moans, groans and a whole bunch of satisfaction.

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