Company for one night

I wrapped up all of my presents and realised that my feeble excuse for a Christmas tree; a 3 foot plastic freebie from one of the London escort girls at the office and it didn’t look great. Not only was it lop-sided, it would probably be looked at scornfully by family, friends and clients. I had baubles I hadn’t been able to use and the tinsel looked forlorn in the empty cardboard box. I rang Josh and asked him where I could buy a tree; around four foot high and he told me to leave it with him. It was only four days to Christmas, so was surprised to hear my intercom ring three hours later, and a metre high tree in a pot was delivered.

Mick, who delivered it, was one of Josh’s friends at their London theatre company and I was in luck. He only had two left. Whilst it wasn’t big, it smelt fabulous, and it would last for next year but only if I looked after it.

I decorated the tree with the finesse of Parisian escort parlour and positioned it in front of the window, with my presents below. The lights twinkled as I turned all the other lights off. Outside, I could see shoppers laden with bags, revellers starting to go out on their works parties and I suddenly felt at peace. Even though Josh was servicing a client tonight, he looked after me well, yet he still had no idea I would also be seeing a client tonight, as I prepared my bath and started to get ready for my appointment. This would be my last client until the 2nd January even London escort girls need a break over Xmas. I wondered how my single clients felt when they were used to seeing me on a weekly basis.

As for now, I picked out a Stella McCartney ensemble for my trip out to see a show. I’d pass the hotel where Josh was working, but I hoped he would not see me. Luckily, he doesn’t ask too much about my spare time, he knows I am busy, and we leave it at that.

As far as my client I concerned, this was a straight guy who was friends with my gay friend, Franz. He was staying for a few nights and wanted company of a different kind on one night. I hoped he didn’t feedback his experience to Franz; I would be slightly embarrassed if he did.


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