The escort he loved

I trailed my long fingernail up and down Peter’s chest. His eyes never left mine so I decided not to look at him. Soon he was ready for me and gasped at my touch when I reached the area between his legs. “Your touch is pure magic,” he whispered your one of the best escorts in London that I have ever encountered. I continued to tease him, watching his face light up as I showed him exactly what I was capable of.

When he was ready to take it that step further, I mounted him, and for most of it, the coupling was slow, just as he’d requested. This was not the fast, furious sex that I’d had with Vlad, but Peter was holding back. A minute before I came, I looked into his eyes and saw something strange reflected back. It was as though I knew him; that I could see deeply into his soul and it scared me beyond reason; an escort should never feel this way. I shuddered quietly as did Peter who seemed to become quite emotional afterwards. “Sorry, it’s been a while,” he explained, and I nodded as I climbed off and held my arms around my knees.

“What are you afraid of? Tell me.” I couldn’t say anything about what I saw in his eyes. I dressed quickly and asked him if he still wanted me to stay for dinner. Peter was puzzled, “Yes, of course I want you to stay. As for Vlad, don’t take it personally, he’s not great with women.

I looked at Peter and decided to tell him what Vlad obviously hadn’t. “Vlad wanted a relationship with me. He’s in love with me. I finished it and he was heartbroken, all because I met someone from the escorts community in London who suits me better.”

Peter was astounded. “Are you the girl Vlad took to Paris?” I nodded and Peter wiped his brow. “In that case, he is playing a game with both of us. I wouldn’t have thought that was his style. However, you are right, it might be better if you leave as you say you should. I’ll get you a taxi, so stay here and I’ll just say you weren’t feeling very well. I won’t tell Vlad anything either. I would not have…you know…if he’d told me that you were that girl; the escort he loved.”

I picked up my bag, but had a feeling this would not be the last of either Vlad, or Peter!


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