When not on agency time

I love my local high street it’s far from the agency and not one of my escort colleagues lives within close proximity of this part of London. There are fourteen shops and I know all of the owners and their quirks, only of personality, not of deviancy!

I headed down to the coffee shop for my usual coffee and noticed that a shop had changed hands. It used to be a charity shop, but it had moved to bigger premises. As my curiosity got the better or me, I realised it was actually now a second-hand clothes shop. I wandered in but did not recognise the owner; a smartly-dressed woman in her forties. I smiled and started to look through the rails, when my eyes alighted on a gorgeous calf-leather pair of ankle boots. I almost ran over to them on the shelf and checked their size; my size too! I checked the price and knew they were priced reasonably but if I teamed the boots with two other items, I would ask for a discount on the three.

I found a gorgeous woollen tunic and a dress, with an embellished neckline, low cut to the bra strap, and allowing some cleavage to be shown. It would be ideal for a trip to the opera or the theatre; dressy but not too finicky perfect for accompanying agency clients. I checked the price and went over to her.

She took the three and started to look at the prices as I asked if she would give me a discount. I would obviously pay cash. She hesitated, but smiled as she knocked ten percent off the price. I was happy about that. I took my bags out and headed to the deli, where I bought olives, feta cheese, different types of lettuce and sun-dried tomatoes. Then I headed to the quality convenience store on the corner and bought a pizza base.

I was all set up to make myself pizza and salad. Of course, that would need to be washed down with a glass of something fizzy, so headed over to view what I could find. Now I am used to drinking Cava, Champagne and Prosecco, but an English vineyard, well I wasn’t sure if the English were capable of making decent fizz, but it looked like a recommended wine so I put a bottle in my basket and realised I was looking forward to a quiet night, watching DVDs and eating and drinking well! Where else could an escort find such an eclectic mix of shops, other than in a fabulous suburb!


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