My lips on her nipples

Danielle was a gifted artist. My friend, Franz, had told me about her fabulous work as he’d visited her workshop recently and thought she would soon become collectable. I’d headed over to her London gallery and after browsing from a small selection of her paintings, I’d turned to her and asked if she had anything a little larger. I showed her the space I had and the dimensions, so she had headed into the back and brought out a newly-finished piece. I instantly fell in love with it and bought it. Danielle was delighted as I had not haggled. Why didn’t I haggle? I just didn’t need to. I knew the rent on her place near Neal’s Yard was extortionate, and in a way, I could empathise with her as I could see her talent.

I also had a feeling she was interested in me, in another way. I wondered if Franz had spilled the beans about my escorting occupation. He’d known from the start and could not care less. I turned to leave and she promised she would deliver the painting the next day and would help me get it in-situ.

I asked her what she knew about me and she blushed. “I put two and two together. I saw you on television with Franz. He pointed you out and told me a little about you, but I only realised earlier, when you walked in. What is it like?”

I sat down on a stool. “Manageable, experiential, routine, interesting, lucrative and sometimes, quite humbling. It isn’t a forever career, either.”

Danielle realised I would talk about it. “So do you go with women too?”

I smiled as I could see where it was heading. “Sometimes I do. I only have a few regular clients. I don’t walk the streets. They tend to be doctors, businessmen, bankers, professors and musicians, from all over the world.”

Danielle nodded. “I have a boyfriend but I’ve always been curious about women. How about if I discounted the painting, and you could show me what you do?”

I knew this was coming, good escorts can spot a bi curious woman who want to pay a mile off. I nodded and agreed. “Before we do, let me do something.” She put up the closed sign and we walked into the back. I opened her shirt and freed a breast. I touched her with my fingers and then placed my lips on a nipple. When I’d finished, I asked her if that felt good and did she feel at all aroused. I looked at her and knew she’d enjoyed it. There would be more to follow tomorrow.


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