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I climbed on top

It’s a moot point. I haven’t really been in love before, not really. I’ve been in lust, and I have fancied lots of guys in London while being their hired escort and in my private life. My two boyfriends Richard and Glen did not match me in any way; either sexually, emotionally, or in maturity terms.

Does it bother me? Sometimes, like tonight, when I’m waiting for a client and I see a young man in the restaurant proposing to his girlfriend. I could see the happiness in their eyes and their deep affection for each other as she accepted his unexpected, but very much wanted proposal, in a flood of tears.

How will I be when that happens? I have honestly no idea.

Instead, I watched Carl walk into the restaurant. A recent acquisition following a legal separation, he wants a good time, a chat about films, books, art and other cultural things. He can also do impressions, so I really found his company entertaining and interesting. That always bodes well in the bedroom too as that type of humour is good to share.

Later on, after the first bout of sex, he asked me if I had ever been in love. Due to his nature and openness, I found it easy to talk to him. At the time, I was stroking his thighs and lower abdomen and was watching him start to respond again. So, I gave him a potted history of my two boyfriends excluding the lovers I had encountered since moving to London and undertaking a life as a one of the many escorts in the city I turned around so he could view me from behind, as I slowly licked his thighs. His inner thigh skin was so soft that I really wanted to bite him.

Was it because he was so nice, friendly and attractive? I wasn’t sure. I asked him if he liked to be bitten and he asked me if I was a vampire. I laughed, but explained how exquisitely soft his skin was to my lips. He replied that the only time, he had ever bitten anyone was his wife, by accident. It was her lip and it had happened when he had climaxed. Something had pushed him over the edge sexually, but she was not impressed. She wasn’t impressed by very much as he told me more.

Eventually he was aroused enough and I climbed on top of him, he blurted out he would be interested in exploring that side of sex, but I smiled sweetly and asked him to just relax for now.


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