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Escorts in London make great flat mates

‘Ines. Ines!’ Lucy called out from the kitchen.
I knew just what she wanted. Not many escorts are blessed to have a roommate as great as mine and I definitely appreciate how lucky I got. Moving to London can be hard but Lucy, she made my transition to the capital an incredibly easy one. I strolled into the kitchen, ready to be overjoyed by the lavish breakfast she had prepared. Lucy’s an excellent cook and never ceases to amaze me with her creations. However, when I got into the kitchen, what I saw wasn’t what I had expected.

Rather than the freshly squeezed orange juice that she usually has in place on a Sunday morning, I was presented with a glass of champagne.
‘So early in the morning?’ I asked confused.
Lucy flashed that cheeky smile of hers and then proceeded to take a sip. ‘We have got a lot to celebrate, Ines,’ she informed me- her eyes twinkling with happiness.  
‘And what would that be,’ I pressed the glass against my lips and enjoyed a dose of the refreshing bubbly.
‘Well, let’s just say the job of my dreams is no longer a dream.’
‘You got it?’ I exclaimed.
She nodded and my face lit up for more reasons than one. Lucy being excited about something meant that I was about to have the time of my life. Her sexual appetite always surged with excitement and I knew that the glass of champagne would just be the beginning to a mind-blowing morning. I wrapped my arms around her, offering a hug of congratulations.  She pressed her lips against my head as I hugged her. Then, she pulled me back, looked me deep in the eyes and asked, ‘are you ready for some fun?’
‘Am I ready for fun?’ I thought out loud.

If there was anything Lucy should know it’s that a Scarlet woman like me is always up for a great time. I guided her to my bedroom where I had a world of plans for her body. However, plans changed when she informed me that she would be the one doing the pleasing. The surprise got even better as I laid on my back and allowed Lucy to take charge. After years of living with me, she definitely developed a knowledge of my body and there’s no denying that she rocked my world better than anyone ever has.

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