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Being the good escort that I am

I love it when my client, Thomas, a London fireman, shows up for some late night loving. He’s the kind of guy that complements an escort girl like me just well. He’s big and strong, sexy and brave and there is nothing about him that does not turn me on. I do, however, always have a particular request for him. Whenever he is in need of my services, he’s got to show up in his uniform.

I don’t know about the other escorts, but for me, there’s nothing hotter than I guy in a uniform. As soon as he calls, all the things that I want to do to him get me so excited that I can’t wait for him to get to me to start. While I’m getting all showered up, my body is usually so sensitive thinking about him, that as my hand runs over my cunt, I absolutely can’t help it, I just have to please myself. So I’ll raise one leg in the shower, and imagining his cock, I’ll insert my fingers, trying to get as deep as he gets and to stroke as firm as he does. When I’m all soaked up, I’ll pay a little extra attention to my clitoris, rubbing it ever so lightly, and visions of him with his head buried between my legs flash through my mind. The way he flicks his tongue over my clit and the way he nibbles around my pussy to tease me, gives me a feeling that is just simply indescribable. My legs will feel weak and it often becomes hard for me to hold myself up as I remember all the things Thomas does to me.

Once, when he showed up before I was done pleasuring myself, which meant I had to make my way out of the shower to open the door. He lives on the other side of London, and thus, I wasn’t expecting him to be at my place so soon. When I told him what I was doing before he arrived he suggested that I continue, while he watched. So, being the good escort that I am, I made my way back into the shower and put on a show that made Thomas’ eyes light up. When he could no longer hold himself back, he stripped himself of his clothing and joined me in the shower for an extra wet pleasure session.

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