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Alasdair was a name that reminded me of an old great-uncle who had passed away. So, imagine my surprise, when a man in his early-thirties greeted me with a kiss on both cheeks, in the hotel lobby. He wasn’t tall; only about a few centimetres taller than I, and he had rosy cheeks, but his hair was long and reached his shoulder blades. It was a fine head of hair and I found myself wondering what hair products he used to get his hair so shiny and with no split ends. We’d have to compare notes after the deed was done!

So, we headed upstairs and planned to order room service. I found out he actually worked for a famous, International orchestra; he had a partner and an open relationship.

We walked into his room and I saw a violin in a case. I wondered if he would play it for me, but I didn’t have to even ask as he requested me to strip whilst he played a tune. I asked how long the tune was so I could plan to finish stripping when he finished.

Alasdair just asked me to go with the flow so I gave him a slutty but classy rendition of an escort as I stripped as he played a haunting melody, which filled my eyes with tears. I don’t know why, so he put the violin away and came over. Slowly he kissed me and his soft lips grazed my cheeks and lips lightly. He continued down my neck and across my shoulder blades. I soon realised he was a master at this as those skilled fingers touched me so gently, I thought I would come over his fingers. I undid his belt and slowly eased his trousers down, and touched him gently. He was aroused and wet already. I slowly pushed him back on the bed and stroked him.

Soon, I was rocking slowly on his manhood as he moved gently inside me. He wasn’t insistent, but gentle. I wish more of the men I see in London could pleasure me like this. I could feel him shiver and start to writhe as his pleasure mounted. Then he shuddered quietly and I moved off him.

He asked me if I ever came with a client. He wished I had. I smiled and said that there was plenty of time for that!



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