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London libraries attract escorts of all orientations

Knowledge is something that I don’t think anyone can have too much of. When I moved to London, I made a pact to myself to always learn something new every day. Most days, I settle for a new word, a bit of history or something to do with the culture of my new home. However, on those days where I have more time than I know what to do with, I like to do something a little different. Instead of partying it up at the club with the escorts from the office, I find comfort in the cozy corner of the library. With so many books, so much information and such peace and quiet, it’s the perfect place to spend a productive night.

The best part of the library has to be the sexy librarian that always sits behind the counter with her head buried in a book. Sometimes I catch myself staring at her and have to try hard to pry my eyes away. A part of me feels like she doesn’t know how hot she is but I doubt this can be true. She’s always dressed in these tops that accentuate her best qualities. Maybe she’s the primary reason that I find myself heading back to this library time after time. Where working up the courage to talk to her is concerned, I’ve never been able to do it. I’ve always considered myself as truly heterosexual and thus, I’ve never approached a woman before.

One weekend, I took a bit of motivation with me. A friend of mine from the escort agency decided to tag along to the library with me. I pointed out the sexy librarian to my friend and she insisted that I went over to talk to her. Upon refusing, I was rewarded with the biggest surprise ever. My friend, Ara, decided to walk over to the librarian and inform her that I had a crush on her. I couldn’t help but to hide my face. It seemed like nothing less than a recipe for disaster. Much to my surprise, the librarian seemed completely into whatever it was Ara was telling her. I watched as they giggled and couldn’t wait to hear what they’d been talking about. When Ara came back she opened her hand and revealed a piece of paper with a number on it. I was over the moon. The librarian was definitely into me and had given Ara her phone number and insisted that I give her a call.

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