All night with a sensual client in London

I specifically told the booking girls at the London branch of my escorts agency that, I no longer wanted to do all nighters but, this client turned out to be something special. Saturday night turned to Sunday morning and there we were, worn out from the night before but the chemistry that filled the room meant that our energy would need to return. I looked at him as he watched me, slip my leg into one side of my underwear and then the other. I knew what he was thinking. I knew that he was wondering what the point was because soon enough, he’d rid me of it all over again. But there’s something about being undressed by a man that is just so sensual.

Maybe it’s how delicate he tugs the elastic away from my hips. Perhaps it’s the roughness of his hands that grace my behind as he pulls down. Whatever it is, it sure sends chills running up and down my spine even on the hottest day in London. I thought we’d be able to keep our hands off each other until after breakfast arrived. I could not have been more wrong. The way that he was staring at me, the way he kept my gaze just made me want him more and more. This time, I was the one initiating the spine chilling underwear removal. He grinned as I made my way over to him. The fact that with just one look he could have me one of the most professional London escorts crawling back to him for more was something that boosted his ego exponentially.  Along with his ego, there was something else that was getting a boost. But who can blame him, after all, there is no man in London who wouldn’t get excited knowing all the things they could do to my irresistible body. There was a knock on the door, breakfast had arrived. However, there was no time to answer, because I was already being served by this wonderful client of mine.

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