She Had Fallen For Him

I’d worked fourteen hours in the last twenty-four; eight working a lingerie modelling shift, and last six as an escort London being my preferred patch. It was ten in the morning but I’d only got to bed at two-thirty after the client’s chauffeur dropped me off at the top of my road.

Josh had been fast asleep. I slipped in beside him with my heart beating fast, but soon fell asleep.

Now, I was in the Jacuzzi at the gym, feeling the hot water pummelling my skin. Esme had cancelled as she couldn’t get a childminder, but I was glad to have a break. I relished having me time. I would be running up curtains and roller blinds this afternoon, so a couple of hours swimming and lying in a Jacuzzi would give me the boost I needed.

I thought about the session with Sebastian the day before yesterday. He’d walked me back to the tube station and he was polite and friendly, and as gentlemanly as he could be, under the circumstances. He’d been attentive and much nicer than the image he had presented at the party.

He gave me a hug and kissed my head and turned with a backwards wave and a little dance shuffle. I giggled. He’d said he’d be in touch, but I doubted it. He would be onto his next girl before long. At thirty-three, he was an eligible and handsome London beau. I could imagine Sasha, escorting at four years older, being quite taken with him. She had fallen for him, but was already married – only six months earlier. I’ll be keeping a distance.

Someone joined me in the Jacuzzi, a pretty Asian-looking lady in her fifties. She ran a herbalist shop not far from my flat. I think she recognised me as she nodded. Then she closed her eyes. So did I, and thought about what to wear out to meet Josh’s aunt and uncle who were visiting tomorrow from Bath. We were going out to lunch at a lovely brasserie, which served a full Sunday roast – a favourite of both Josh and his uncle.

As the bubbles, subsided, I rose, ‘me’ time was over and I needed to get back home, and to work. For now, Sebastian was a past client and I didn’t want to be thinking about him.

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