Lessons with a busty teacher

Ranjit had been rebelling against his upbringing in London. His parents were strict, so when my booker called me to tell me she had a young man in need of a hot escort, I was intrigued. He wanted to book me for a lesson, so he could learn how to pleasure his girlfriend, who he’d been dating for four months. He felt sure it was only a matter of weeks before he would be having intimacy, so he wanted to know exactly what to do. My booker explained he wasn’t a virgin, but his experience was limited to a one-night stand.

Ranjit was a beast. In the hotel, he eyed me up, taking in my full-bosomed figure and couldn’t wait to undress me. He quickly asked about the different pleasures he could give his girlfriend.

However, I wasn’t going to let him get his way that easily. I asked him to sit on a chair and then handcuffed his wrists behind him. He laughed as I touched him carefully, but the smile wore off when I explained this was his punishment for rushing things. If he did that with his girlfriend, it would certainly put her off sleeping with him.

He was now listening hard and I explained several important lessons to him.

“Firstly, never assume that your girlfriend will want to go all the way, especially if it is her first time. Build up to it and let it to be her decision. Got that?”

Ranjit nodded. As I showed him my womanly parts, I could see his erection start to grow, but he was going to wait, as I wanted to show him a few techniques. He watched me avidly and asked if he could try them out, and soon.

So tell me what you saw and what you will do?”

Ranjit described, in rather uncouth terms, what he would do. I shook my head and asked him to listen to what he should be saying to his girlfriend. Then I straddled him and whispered slowly in his ear, letting my ample-breasts trail against his cheek. He started to kiss my neck slowly and then my nipples. I sensed he was more than enjoying this lesson and he was learning fast.

When Ranjit had shown he would take his time, I uncuffed him and asked him to seduce me, but very slowly. Let him show me what he could do, and he certainly did! I just hoped he remembered to be like that with his girlfriend.

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