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‘Erika honey,’ Marlon called out from the living room. We’d left the other escorts at the club after an exceptionally long night out partying in London and I was astonished that he’d managed to wake up this early. I rubbed my eyes, reached for my panties, tugged them over my hips and sleepily made my way to the living room. My eyes grew even wider when I observed what Marlon had in store. I knew he was a guy filled with surprises but this was one I didn’t- in a million years -expect.

On the floor, a trail of rose petals led to the couch. I bent down, picked a petal up and sniffed in the magnificent scent. Marlon’s eyes were yet to meet mine, as he was a bit preoccupied holding his position on the sofa. I could hear him giggling in anticipation which made me smile just that much harder.
‘You really know how to drive a scarlet woman like me wild,’ I said to him.
‘Oh baby, I’m just giving you what you asked for.’
In a sense, he was right. I did tell him that once morning rolled around, I’d love to indulge in a nice bowl of fruit and some whip cream. But I didn’t think he’d remember. We’d both had a little too much to drink. But what I didn’t expect even more, was for him to serve me breakfast the way he did. His body was coated with whipped cream and in his hands he held a bowl of strawberries.
I kneeled down beside him, pulled out a strawberry and ran it down his chest, picking up just the right amount of whipped cream when I went along.
‘You’re so sexy he said,’ as I bit into the strawberry, and bent over to him so that he too, could get a bite. The sweetness of the fruit combined with the lusciousness of his lips was heaven. Bite after bite, I wanted Marlon even more and when I couldn’t restrain myself any longer, I skipped the fruit and used my tongue to rid his body of the whipped cream. There’s no questioning whether or not he liked it, because his moaning and grunting said all that needed to be said.

I can’t wait to see what Marlon has in store for me on our next visit. He’s definitely one of the most amazing men I’ve met in all of my years of living in London and I’m incredibly grateful to have him as a client.

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