Work and leisure in one

Milan was full of people shopping, sitting outside cafes drinking, and generally having a good time. It did remind me of my escorts London ladies just chilling, but without the smog you get when there’s lots of traffic, coupled with fog. I liked how the young and old walked around together, as generations thronged to the cathedral, for the candle-lit service. We decided to pop into the back, but not to stay for the duration, we our table would be ready at eight.

I marvelled at the inside at the skill taken to build this and to fashion the stone into such intricate detail. As the singing commenced, I looked at Josh, and realised he looked emotional. I took his hand and gave it a squeeze, but he held onto it. I remembered he’d lost his father earlier this year. There would be one person less at their Christmas table this year. I couldn’t think too much about it, or else I’d get upset too. At least he would soon be in a position to pay off all of his father’s debt, and then he could stop being an escort for the rich, powerful and secretive London wives.

After a few minutes, we exited and headed off to a trendy bar-cum-restaurant. I was on strict orders not to drink too much, as the agency didn’t want me to be puffy-faced for my modelling stint the next day. In the end, Josh ordered a bottle of Prosecco, and I was allowed just one glass, plus a large bottle of mineral water to keep myself hydrated.

“I’ll be able to have a few more drinks tomorrow. I’ll be finished by four-thirty, so we can chill out, go to the hotel pool and sauna if you want; have a few drinks and I can pick something nice for my mother. I was thinking of a dressy top, to go with a skirt she loves to wear. I’ll be able to find something quite different here.”

The rustic trattoria had come recommended by a friend of Josh, who used to live here. Apparently the food was tasty, authentic to the area, and the locals came here too; always a good sign. I looked at the menu, and decided on a starter of ‘Risotto alla Milanese’, a crusty, sautéed rice with saffron, followed by ‘Cotoletta alla Milanese’, a breaded veal cutlet in a Milanese-style, whilst Josh ordered a seafood platter, followed by ‘Osso buco’, a roast bone veal with gravy and potatoes. I was hungry after my day at work.


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