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With my job, there is no room for sentimentality escorts can’t have that luxury. I drove home to my parents just outside London for my mum’s birthday. I picked up a bouquet of flowers at the local florist and bumped into a friend, Tara, I had not seen for a year. We hugged and I apologised for not visiting her the last time I was home, but I had been incredibly busy. That was true.

When Tara showed me her diamond engagement ring, I was delighted for her. She wanted to know if I would come to the wedding. Inside, my heart sank, as I struggle with the thought of marriage, but of course, I would go. I’d have a life after this current occupation and my old friends would be part of it, hopefully, if I bothered to keep in touch with them.

So a few months later, the invitation turned up at my parent’s house. I was so relieved I wasn’t a bridesmaid as I was terrified of upstaging her.

I struggled to find a dress which would be suitable for a wedding, but I found a pleasant Reiss ensemble that would do the job. Okay, it added a few years onto my age, but it was decent wedding wear.

On the big day, I arrived and immediately noticed a client. I’d had my hair styled and up. Luckily I had worn a long auburn wig and a fake beauty spot on my cheek when I’d met with him. His wife looked like she’d just had everything botoxed. Her skin gleamed and shone like a mirror. Our paths did not meet until I realised we were on the same table at the reception. Luckily he was sitting on the other side and we hardly spoke. Men tended to focus on the assets lower down my body, so I guessed he did not recognise me as one of the undoubtedly many escorts he had spent time with.

I danced and laughed and eventually, as I waited for my taxi to take me back to London, I saw the man wander up to me and he whispered. “You suit blonde hair anyway. Auburn hair ages you. Don’t worry; I’ve got as much to lose as you. It’s our secret, okay?”

I nodded as my heart thumped in my chest. “I quite like secrets. However, I’m no longer working in that line of business, so don’t try to book me again, okay?” As he nodded, my taxi arrived and I got inside.

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