Escorts Breaking the Rules

Nanette had several rules to navigate her life as one of the escorts London has as residents. She was a highly sought after unaffiliated escort who booked all her jobs through her manager, Manuel. He had a copy of her rules just in case the money confused him into forgetting. It was very simple;

– She wouldn’t do outdoors for more than 48 hours.

Nanette suppressed a shudder when she thought about the Kirkcudbright Jazz Festival in Scotland that one of her clients had dragged her to. Five days of mud, rain and insidious cold “escorts London ladies especially just don’t do mud & rain”. When one heard ‘Jazz Festival’ that really wasn’t the image that came to mind. She’d been in bed with the flu for the rest of the month after that misadvised adventure.

– She didn’t mix business with pleasure

Her uncle Tennyson…ugh even recalling the incident made her want to heave. He had a friend who needed a date for the night. First of all there was the requests for ‘family discount’. And then Uncle Tennyson’s friend wanted to know if she had sex with all her clients. And then there was the inappropriate taking of liberties under the “we’re all family here right?” umbrella. Worst night of her life.

– No falling in love with a client.

There was that one time she’d gone out with that very rich businessman. They’d spent the weekend on his private island in the Caribbean. He’d treated her like a princess; it was in the early days of her work and she’d began to think that maybe they had something. But then his kids turned up and he pretended she was the hired help. Her feelings had been hurt. But mostly she’d felt really stupid for forgetting herself. She was an escort. It was a job. She never forgot that again.

– Cash before Anything

It was always the really wealthy ones who tried to stiff you. There’d been that American businessman, he’d been in hotels or construction or something. He’d flown her out to Sardinia for a month, and she’d stayed with him, wining and dining and even doing a bit of translation for him with business prospects. At the end of the month he’d tried to say that since he’d paid for everything then there was no need to pay her cash. It took six months and a threat to go public about their time together to make him cough up. Never again.

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