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Keep Saturday night free

Lauren was a fashion buyer with an attraction for female escorts who loved to look through my wardrobe whenever she came round. She used to be a client of the agency, but now I bought samples and the odd item of funky clothing from her.

We chilled out and drank coffee as we caught up on a few items she had sourced for me. Then she asked if I remembered the time when I had handcuffed her to the bed and had gone to answer the door with just a towel on, and went out to pick up the tray.

I giggled, “Yes, then the door closed and I had to make my way to reception, with a towel barely covering my ass. I couldn’t believe it when the security guard came to the room to open it up, just to ensure I wasn’t trying to break into someone else’s room.”

We started to laugh again as Lauren finished the story. “When that tall, black guy opened the door and saw my wrists handcuffed to the bed and my legs tied to the bedposts, butt-naked, he blushed, I swear, he honestly did.”

At this point, I was holding my stomach laughing. “He didn’t blush as much as you did, and I think the words you used turned the air blue.”

Lauren’s face was flushed, as I added, “Thank goodness, you were face down. He had the decency to turn away quickly too!”

We finished our coffees as the laughter subsided. Lauren looked at me quizzically. “So, are you still busy?”

I nodded, “Yes, although I am also managing the business for another month, so I’ve cut down on my own hours. I get to know what clients are coming through and I allocate the majority to the other girls in the main. My agencies owner is on maternity leave.”

Lauren nodded and finally asked if I was planning to finish soon. I wasn’t and I explained that. “I’m giving it another twelve months from the start of this month. It is part of my master plan”

Lauren then asked if she could help out and be a “girl” and I looked at her with wide-open eyes. “Why?” That was all I could manage to ask.

“Well I was thinking if you got clients who wanted a session with two escorts, I could help out. It would help me and I know I could sleep with you, as well as any other type of client.”

I thought about it. I tended to shy away from group bookings, but my Russian client regularly asked me if I could bring someone. Lauren was tall, black-haired and pretty. It could work. All I proffered for the time being was a non-committal reply. “Keep next Saturday night free, I might be able to work something out. Okay?”


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