Escort on equal terms

It has been a while since I met up with two of the girls who plied the same trade as me, I mean escorts London girls turning tricks. We were taking a Wednesday afternoon off to have a mini-pampering session at a spa, followed by an early dinner in the hotel restaurant. I would go home, but the girls had clients arriving at nine, so they had also booked separate rooms.

We sat having pedicures and manicures. Mandy asked me if I had seen any of the Russian clients at all. They both still worked with Sasha on a part-time basis, but I shook my head and explained that the Russians and Japanese were her business now.

Gemma was the other escort, who tended to spend most of her client time under the influence of alcohol. I liked a few glasses as it helped you to relax, but she really took advantage of the champagne.

When she mentioned that she’d had to do a foursome at a London hotel with the new guy, Josh, I brightened. He’d been so nervous, so she’d had to work with him for a while, until he’d started to relax. I couldn’t believe it. “He’s just doing one-to-one work now, bless him. I don’t think he’ll be here for long. He was saddled with some debt after his dad had died so he just wanted a quick way to pay it off.”

I had to look away. For some reason that hurt me more than I thought it would. Was I being true to myself about how I really felt about him? Now there was Vlad to consider too and he accepted me and my escorting career.

I had an idea, but I casually asked if it was a lot of money. Mandy looked at me and mouthed it was around, “Twenty grand.”

I knew then what I would do.

“Can you book me in with Josh under the name of Alice please? Don’t let him know anything about me, and don’t tell Sasha. I’ll give you some contact details later.”

Gemma laughed, “Really! Oh my goodness, Sasha would have such a shock if she ever found out. He is gorgeous.”

I looked at them both and told them to story about Josh and I. I knew exactly who he was and I’d messed up an opportunity with him, because I thought he was embarrassed about me, when he was actually embarrassed by what he was doing.

“You are mad,” they both stated, and I nodded. There was only one opportunity in life, and as far as I could see, Josh and I were both on equal terms.


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