Escorts and Premier League footballers

By the time, I’d finished three glasses of Champagne, and danced in my high heels for an hour, I’d decided to sit down again with Carla, escorts London lasses included only have some much energy, my feet really did need to rest. Even though our table was reserved, I was concerned that we’d lost it and the last thing I needed was to have to stand. The club was close to heaving and it was only just after midnight. Luckily, Candy was back and by herself. She had black hair, in a pixie cut, fake boobs, but green eyes to die for. Most guys looked her way with her pretty, petite face and curves. We’d finished the champagne between us, so we bought a round of shots; this would be the last I’d drink tonight as I didn’t want to be feeling hungover for my day out with Josh tomorrow.

I was attracting attention for once. As well as a few glances my way on the dance floor, I’d had one guy chat me up on the way back from dancing. I’d forgotten to wear my pretend engagement ring, and had a guy come up and slid in beside me. He was smiling, confident and decidedly cute. In a thick west London accent he asked me if he could stay and chat for a few minutes until his friends arrived and I introduced us all. Ben, as he was called, was quite flirty, and as I chatted, I realised Carla and Candy were both quiet. I turned to look at them. I had no idea why they were staring at the guy I was talking to. He was cute, but not familiar at all. Was I missing something here?

I mentioned I was seeing Josh and Ben kissed my hand before catching a passing waiter and ordering a round of shots for all of us. We drank them and he wished us a good night and headed off. Carla fixed me with a vexed look. “You must really be into Josh if you’ve turned down a Premier League footballer. Us poor escorts we never got even a glance until he’d bought the drinks.” I was puzzled as I asked which London club he was with and for more information about him.

I’d check him out but just as a casual interest. I had my man and was happy with him. No-one else would get a look in now, not even Vlad.


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