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I soaked in the bath and mused over the client meeting in central London from which I’d only just returned. It was what we call a just in time escorts booking that Sasha, my ex-Madam, had asked me to cover. It was purely as a support to a high-end, private viewing of artwork. The gallery owner’s girlfriend had dumped him a week ago. In the meantime he’d heard she was planning to come along with a new man.

Archie had shared the story he’d wanted me to carry off, as his new date. He’d picked me from the photos Sasha had sent, because I was possibly the nearest in looks to his ex.

That piqued my interest. So she was another blonde, with a Swedish look about her. I was often mistaken for being Nordic.

When I found the right address, I was a little early. I was actually surprised at how young Archie was. He was in his mid-twenties with a long, but neatly-trimmed beard and short hair; I guess the look is bang on trend at the moment. He had an acoustic guitarist playing.

The ex-girlfriend, apart from her blonde hair and blue eyes, actually looked nothing like me, as she was taller and heavier and wore too much make-up. She scowled when someone had briefed her about my date with Archie last night, which was the story we’d created. She was alone, with no sign of a new man around.

I avoided her until I met her in the rest room. She asked me pointedly if I’d been seeing Archie for a while. I looked at her. “Don’t be silly. Archie isn’t like that. We only met a few days ago.” Then I walked out and I knew her gaze had followed me.

I was attentive to Archie and kissed him on the cheek once, but that was all. He was very pleasant and thanked me for being a great advert for all short notice escorts. In the corner I noticed a painting which hit me so hard, I felt tears in my eyes. It was a girl in a dark London bar, nursing a glass of wine, with such a look of sadness on her face. I noted she was wearing black.

I needed to buy it. I hurried over to Archie and he was surprised and delighted when I explained I had to have it.

“For a young man, Archie, you can really evoke feeling with your work; I was almost in tears looking at this. Please, whatever you do, don’t get back with your ex. You can do better than her.”

I left with the painting under my arm and with a glare at the ex, who had been following me around the gallery.


London escorts for short notice bookings


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