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When searching for a date Justin is very particular he will only except agency escorts in London with the best reviews. A renowned artist and an art lover going to his home, you could never miss these two details. The walls are lined with great pieces, many of which he’s done. He often made sketches of me when I was fast asleep. It was always a beauty to see what masterpiece he had created once I had woken up in the morning.

When the winter rolled around, he gave me a call and asked if I was up for some fun. I thought sure, of course I am, I never say no to a great guy like Justin. Except this time it was different. We wouldn’t be spending the time in his London home, we’d be heading out to Italy to take advantage of this beauty in all its beauty. Once we had arrived, I wanted to thank Justin with a beautiful show. I wanted to take his body and make it mine, which I did quite successfully. Once he had gotten the satisfaction from his number one escort that he truly deserved, and once I had worked my hardest to get him there, I lay on the bed to soak it all in. But Justin had other ideas. He got out his pencil and pad, and got to work creating a masterpiece like I’ve never seen before. I posed for him so that he could get to capture all the areas that he had earlier done naughty things to and it definitely was a sight to see. All my beauty, all the private regions of my body were being put on paper. He’d occasionally give me the works he created of me, but this time, there was no prying it away from him. He was a proud artist and this artwork was one that he would for no price, no matter how high, let go of.

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