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American beauty

Simon was keen to visit as many sites as he could whenever he visited London. On this date, he had a ticket for the RHS Show at Chelsea for the two of us. I had never been to the show and my horticultural experience tended to be limited to tending the herbs on my windowsill and watering freshly-cut flowers.

I looked at the weather forecast and noted that the weather would be dry, but cloudy. I would take a mac, just in case, but I was hoping to let him look around, whilst I found a bar and chill for a while. It probably wouldn’t work out like that.

When we arrived, I’d found a map and sussed out the refreshment areas, just as Simon noted I did not have an overnight bag with me. “Well, you’ve only booked me up until midnight, so I’m not staying over. I don’t think you asked me to, and tomorrow I’m already busy with meetings in London.” I think Simon looked disappointed, but he pointed out the guest house he had booked, was only a stone’s throw away and we could head back there later.

So we wandered around. I had to admit that the gardens were very creative and loved the Japanese-themed garden. We stopped for lunch, managed a glass of wine each and looked around the various stalls. Soon, I could sense Simon was interested in my other skills that he knew none of the other escorts he had been with could match, he wanted my body and he wanted to leave soon. I was more than happy to go. It had been a lovely treat, but six hours of looking at plants, tools and garden furniture, was enough for me.

We headed back and stopped at a bistro where we ate dinner, before carrying on to the hotel. Luckily it was only a few minutes further on; my feet were aching from the walking around.

I laughed when he placed petals on my naked body after we’d make love. He thought I looked like a Greek goddess, so I mimicked the pose from the film “American Beauty” where Mena Suvari posed with deep-red, rose petals. He was careful how he placed the petals and it was a tough act to follow with so few petals, but I thought it looked very tasteful and all of my very private parts were completely covered-up. It was a romantic and fun gesture and I appreciated it.



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