The girlfriend replacement

Yesterday I was away from London attending a race meeting as a VIP guest, for a gentleman called James. This was through a couple escorts I’ve worked with in the past. These girls who had all of my personal details including my bra size, in case a client indulged.  I genned up on the horses and trainers. Then I rang a friend who gave me a few tips and I placed a couple of on-line bets, Well, James was not going to know about any private fun I was going to have.

A chauffeur picked me up and took me to Ascot, where I was shown to a room in a luxurious country house hotel, with a pianist playing in the receptionist. A demure sky-blue dress suit and matching fascinator were laid out on the bed in my room.

I heard a knock at the door, took a deep breath and went to open it. I almost gasped as a handsome young Arab, smiled and told me I looked very nice. He gave me an envelope and asked me to read the contents. This was my spiel for the rest of the group. He left, so I surmised he wasn’t James. I began to wonder if I could carry this off.

So, I read the notes carefully. I’d met James whilst reading History at Warwick University. I swam, rode horses and had travelled around the world for two years, and had just returned. We’d met last week in a bar in Chelsea. I could keep the same parents as my breeding was good.  Well, I’m sure they’d be pleased about that!

I opened the door after a further knock. A young man with green eyes and dark curls walked in. He shook my hand and we both laughed at the formality of it all. I wasn’t sure of his ethnicity, as there was an element of exoticism in his look. In the car, James explained he had recently split with a girlfriend and needed a stunning replacement. And a well bred escort like me was it!

The VIP box contained about twelve young people. I knew more about the horses than most of the party and provided a few tips. We were delighted when several of my horses won and at the end of the day, James walked me back to my room and kissed me on the lips. Then he broke free of my grasp, turned, and blew me a kiss. I trounced into my room, feeling wholly inadequate, but then noticed a bouquet of flowers on a side table, with a request to join James for dinner the following week.

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