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05 August 2016

Large Breasts and Dancing in Heels

by Babes of London on 05 August 2016, under London Escorts

I wasn’t too good at handling shots. We were out as a group. Three of Sasha’s ex busty escorts who were no longer on her books, myself, and a handful of other people I hadn’t previously met. I was being picked up by Martin later and seeing as I was decidedly tipsy, I decided to [&h more

02 August 2016

An Escort for Guys or Girls

by Babes of London on 02 August 2016, under London Escorts

A week or so later, Josh explained Sasha has offered him a different role. He would not be working as one of the escorts in her London office, but would be more of a ‘Personal Shopper’ and as the pay was good he would do it to ensure he could cover his share of the […] more

30 July 2016

Sexy Russian Girls in Thierry Mugger

by Babes of London on 30 July 2016, under London Escorts

As the nights are getting lighter and the weather better, this is what Russian escorts love about London I realised May is my favourite month of the year. Three cold days had passed, but now it was sunny, and with only a couple of days before the start of June, I felt excited. With the [ more

22 July 2016

Best Life Coach Are Escort Girls

by Babes of London on 22 July 2016, under London Escorts

Instead, I nodded and smiled. “I went to see her and her new baby. She actually looked maternal, that was a first for a London escort girl.” Vlad smiled. “Yes, so did I; the day after you apparently. I needed to drop off the keys for the London office she will be leasing. She’s g more

19 July 2016

Memorable London parties with Escorts

by Babes of London on 19 July 2016, under London Escorts

So much for Sasha’s discretion! She told me she would not tell anyone. Well, two London escorts can play at that game. Vlad looked good. I could feel that same animal magnetism, and his cologne was divine. He always looked good, even in jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt. We’d sat insi more

15 July 2016

Escorts and Long Term Clients

by Babes of London on 15 July 2016, under London Escorts

As I head out onto the quiet cul-de-sac, there are hardly any signs of life. The neighbours to the only side of us look like young professionals occupation escorts in London “not”. The two flats opposite have older couples living there. Both have nodded to show they know of o more

13 July 2016

I Will Be Discrete

by Babes of London on 13 July 2016, under London Escorts

I knew immediately he would want to continue working the ten hours or so for her, if it was lucrative enough. Sasha as with many Russian escorts had uber sharp business acumen watched me mulling over the proposition. “I know you’ll get a cut too, but he needs around the same pay. How more

10 July 2016

On Call Personal Service

by Babes of London on 10 July 2016, under London Escorts

Sasha has given birth to a bouncing baby boy. With the happy news, came the even darker news that she was wrapping up her escorts agency business. This was nothing really to do with me, but Josh managed her booking system for a couple of days per week. He didn’t know about it yet. I [& more

06 July 2016

Seductress Escort Lover

by Babes of London on 06 July 2016, under London Escorts

I woke up and realised how light and airy the room felt. Josh was still asleep beside me; looking gorgeously-dishevelled, London escorts like that kind of look. It has been a week since we’d moved in together and it has been hard-work unpacking, but fun. Josh realised on day two when w more

03 July 2016

Young Pretty London Girl

by Babes of London on 03 July 2016, under London Escorts

I sat back on the sofa and watched as Josh who liked to chat as much as any of the London escort girls we knew; told me about a female client he’d been with. He hadn’t wanted to tell me at first, but the marks on his buttocks were so tell-tale, he couldn’t hide them. […] more

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